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ICYMI: Most read by educators

What’s trending? From brain science to SEL in high school, don’t miss these most-read stories.

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Study: Principals affect student achievement

Providing support for principals can improve student achievement, according to a report by RAND that studied a five-year effort led by the Wallace Foundation in six school districts. The study focused on effective ways to train and retain school leaders through a “principal pipeline initiative.”

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Can brain science improve testing?

Brain science may help to curb stress that surrounds high-stakes testing and help students perform better, writes Judy Willis, a neurologist and teacher. Willis shares one approach that uses guided metacognition and self-corrected practice tests to build students’ understanding.

Full Story: Edutopia online

How to apply SEL in high school

Teenagers may benefit from a different approach to social and emotional learning than younger students, writes Amy Eva of the University of California at Berkeley. Eva shares three strategies to engage high-schoolers in SEL, including approaches that tap into students’ need for respect.

Full Story: Edutopia online

How to support students through trauma

Walking a student through a traumatic situation can be a daunting, overwhelming task, especially for new teachers, ASCD interim CEO Ronn Nozoe said during ASCD Empower19, as Nozoe recalled a time when he was a novice teacher helping a student who was being abused. Do not let lack of experience keep you from supporting them, Nozoe advised, saying, “You don’t have to be super person. Be you.”

Full Story: SmartBrief/Education

Cognitive strategies boost reading, writing

The Pathway to Academic Success Project, developed by a professor at the University of California at Irvine School of Education, taps cognitive strategies to improve students’ performances in reading and writing. In two California school districts, the approach was found to close achievement gaps among English-language learners and their peers.

Full Story: The Hechinger Report

Audrey Altmann is an editorial assistant at SmartBrief.


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