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ICYMI: Most read by educators

What’s trending? From self-paced learning to self-care, don’t miss these most-read stories.

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How schools make self-paced learning work

Some schools have adopted self-paced learning, but it doesn’t come without challenges, such as lack of motivation and isolation among students. Still, schools are finding ways to overcome these barriers and give students more choice in their learning.

Ideas for real-world STEM learning

Educators in a Texas school district are using a personalized, project-based learning model called STEM Students on the Stage to help prepare students for college and career. In this commentary, Levent Sakar, STEM/PBL activity coordinator and physics curriculum director, shares ideas for engaging students in real-world STEM learning.

How healthy habits factor into college enrollment

Students with healthy habits may be more motivated to enroll in college, according to a study by researchers at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Data show such behaviors could account for 10% of the difference in students’ grades and college dreams.

DeVos to pitch vouchers for military families

US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is expected to meet with the Department of Defense to seek support for a plan to provide education savings accounts to military families, which could be used to pay for private-school tuition. Some military groups have questioned DeVos’ plans to use Impact Aid funding for the program.


Educators who have tried but have been unable to help a student experiencing trauma may go through empathic distress, suggests contributing editor Rebecca Alber. In this blog post, she shares ways educators can practice self-care, including adopting mindfulness practices.

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