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ICYMI: Most read by educators

What’s trending? From banning F grades to measuring SEL, don’t miss these most-read stories.

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How some Chicago principals battle F grades    

During a recent panel discussion, three Chicago principals talked about why and how they are banning F grades in their schools. Wayne Bevis, principal of the Robert Lindblom Math and Science Academy, says he abandoned the A-F grading scale in favor of a numerical system and has implemented a revision policy for students to resubmit work to show improved skills.

Full Story: Chalkbeat

How to use tech for active math learning

Educators should use technology to engage math students in active learning, asserts elementary instructional coach Gina Picha. In this blog post, she shares several best practices for identifying such technology and suggests tools to help foster deep thinking.

Full Story: Edutopia online

District uses assessment to measure SEL

A Massachusetts school district is using the Devereux Students Strengths Assessment to measure students’ social and emotional learning competencies. Gina Hurley, director of student services, says educators can use the assessment results to identify students who need additional SEL support.

Full Story: District Administration magazine online

CDC: Developmental disability linked to absences

Children and teens with one or more developmental disabilities were two times more likely to be chronically absent, compared with those without developmental disabilities, according to a report from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. The findings, based on National Health Interview Survey data involving more than 26,000 youths ages 5 to 17, also showed that chronic school absenteeism was most common among those with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Full Story: Disability Scoop

Can silence improve learning?

Students who have time for contemplative reflection during the school day are better able to retain what they learn, writes Dana Weeks, head of Germantown Friends School. In this blog post, she shares how her own school ensures students have time to be silent with their thoughts.

Full Story: Edutopia online

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