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ICYMI – October 4

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A collection of stories from SmartBrief publications and around the web…

The Economist goes covert (sort of) to get a look at what Goldman Sachs is doing to reform from within.

The Milken Institute published a white paper analyzing how countries around the world are dealing with systemically important financial institutions in the aftermath of the financial crisis. “Strikingly, countries are more similar than different in the measures they have adopted for regulating and supervising such banks.”  Senior Fellow and co-author James Barth adds, “The greatest progress to date in establishing workable regulatory financial standards by the G-20 has been in the area of banking, through the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, including the Basel III bank capital standards.”

Speaking of global regulatory reform, a new poll reveals 74% of respondents are uncertain about how the CTFC’s substituted compliance process will work. With less than three months until the exemptive order expires and the CFTC not answering most phones calls, it is a good bet the CFTC will extend the exemptive order after the government shutdown ends.

CME Group has a cool, new 30-second commercial out as part of its “Global Reach” campaign. LPGA star Brittany Lincicome stands atop a Manhattan skyscraper belting drives to cities in far off lands (your humble SmartBrief met Lincicome last fall … a more gracious pro athlete you will not find). The cameo by Sir Richard Branson at the end is also pretty money.