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Infocomm 2015: Cue the Three-Day Training Montage

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InfoComm 2015 has it all: the lights, the sounds and certainly the action. Most of that flashy stuff happens in prime time — exhibition days on the show floor. So you may be asking yourself, “What is there to do before then?”

Decent question. The answer is pretty straightforward – plenty!

From education sessions to networking events, there are many things you can do prior to the opening of the exhibit hall. A great way to spend pre-exhibition time in Orlando (other than enjoying the warm Florida sun) is to learn, learn and learn, and with InfoComm University, you can take the next step in becoming a better AV pro. Learn things that you will find useful in your everyday job or fortify your foundation. According to industry professionals, nearly every student who has taken a class with us found that the training was useful and was handy in real world application.

So what’s holding you back? It’s time to rise up to the challenge, hit the play button on the training montage music and get motivated! With InfoComm University’s Three-Day Courses taking place from Saturday, June 14 to Monday, June 15, you can spend the aforementioned number of days learning new things or preparing yourselves to attack any situation that may arise. Let’s take a look at some of the courses that will be available:

New for 2015! How to Effectively Manage AV Spaces and Staff
Join John Arpino, CTS-D, of George Washington University for this new session. Discover how to create SOPs, develop onboarding tools, train and develop your direct reports, engage end users, and manage AV/IT incidents more efficiently. Gain fresh ideas, practice training techniques and examine real-world practices that will help you knock out everyday responsibilities with ease.

Essentials of AV Technology
Are you an AV newbie and looking for a great introduction to our great industry? Look no further than the Essentials of AV Technology course. Justin Watts, CTS of Apache Corporation and Joel Rollins of Everett Hall Associates give you a crash course on the cool parts of our industry. Explore microphones, cameras and displays, digital and analog signals, future trends and everything AV. You can also use this course as a review session for the InfoComm-Recognized AV Technologist Test, a certificate program to help you prove your AV knowledge.

CTS Prep
Many people who attend the show take their CTS Exams onsite, but if you aren’t quite ready to take the next step, you can always prepare for the next round. CTS Prep will ease your nerves and boost your confidence about the CTS exam by combining instructor-led guidance, collective group work and self-assessment.

Networking Technology
Learn about the fundamentals of networking tech in this core knowledge class for all AV professionals. Networking Technology teaches the basics of information technology and IP networking. You’ll learn to perform basic troubleshooting on the network that supports your AV system.

All About Audio
Gordon Moore, CTS of Lectosonics, Inc. provides a hands on training opportunity for those interested in learning more about audio. Troubleshoot audio issues by applying acoustical theory to live sound demos, sound memory labs and real-world scenarios. If you are new to the industry, don’t miss this primer.

This is just a few of many of the three-day sessions available. So why not come visit us a little early this year and power through some valuable training on your way to seeing the coolest technology that the pro-AV industry has to offer? Get a sneak peek at the training opportunities available at InfoComm 2015.

Be sure to register for InfoComm 2015 soon with VIP code BLOG and while you are at it, take on some great three-day classes as well!

Narin Nara is the multimedia communications manager at InfoComm International in Fairfax, Va.