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Innovations in workplace technology

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Workplace technology

Workforce management, as with almost every aspect of today’s workplace, is heavily influenced by technology — to handle HR processes, onboarding, training, mapping pathways for a career progression, video conferencing, communication, collaboration, and other work processes and employee productivity needs. 

Of course, workforce technologies leaped forward during the COVID-19 pandemic, when even the least tech-oriented people had no choice but to learn about video conferencing, virtual whiteboards, audio and video capabilities, and more. It’s the same with productivity solutions, such as innovative LCDs, projectors, and speakers designed specifically for today’s hybrid workforce and how we meet. 

Beyond those innovations are new technologies serving various workplace needs, including AI tools that support employee training; communication platforms that help teams connect and collaborate; and HR systems that manage compensation and benefits for hybrid or distributed workforces globally. 

Here are some technological innovations that forward-moving businesses and efficient workplaces are using to support their workforces. View SmartBrief’s Workplace Technology Innovation Guide to learn more about each product.