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Job hunters are looking for a values match

A company's values matter to job seekers, which is why it's important for leaders to formalize their culture, says S. Chris Edmonds.

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In the post-pandemic world of attracting top candidates, companies are finding that decent salaries and competitive benefits are not enough. Company values are increasingly important to job seekers.

LinkedIn asked nearly 10,000 global professionals to learn how important values are today. The study found that 68% of workers in Europe (UK, France, Germany, and Ireland) strongly desire to work for companies that are aligned with their personal values. In the US, that number rises to 87%.

More impressive is that 59% of professionals in Europe and over 50% in the US say they won’t work for an organization that doesn’t share their personal values. 55% state that not even a pay rise would change their minds.

Values matter to job hunters! LinkedIn has responded by rolling out a new tool which allows job candidates to search for organizations that align with their personal values.

The tool, called Commitments, lets organizations on LinkedIn share up to five of their values, which might include work-life balance, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), career growth and learning, social impact and environmental sustainability. The tool also allows companies to showcase additional meaningful content, including reports, certifications, articles, blogs and videos about their work culture, respect being as important as results, and more.

When looking for career opportunities, users can filter their job searches by those commitments.

The problem is that simply listing those values doesn’t mean that those companies actually live those values. Candidates must dig for proof that these values drive plans, decisions, and actions — or not.

Services like Glassdoor and Fishbowl are reliable resources where job seekers can learn from insiders about how well companies embed their stated values into day to day operations.

If you company has formalized its desired culture and is living its values, be sure to include that information in your LinkedIn company page and in job listings. Over the last two years, LinkedIn found there has been a 154% increase in entry-level job ads that refer to company culture and values.


S. Chris Edmonds is a speaker and author as well as executive consultant, founder and CEO with The Purposeful Culture Group. He has authored or co-authored seven books, including two Amazon bestsellers: “The Culture Engine” (2014) and “Good Comes First” (2021) with Mark Babbitt. Edmonds’ videos, posts and podcasts are available at Driving Results Through Culture. Follow Edmonds on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and Apple Podcasts.

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