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Karma, crustaceans and which wines to pair with a Whopper

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This week’s off-beat food news reminds me of a joke my brother-in-law tells: The Dalai Lama walks into a pizza place and asks “Can you make me one with everything?” Karma seems to be a theme this week, from the tale of Buddhist monks who released a passel of lobsters back to the sea to the question of whether adding 2 cents to round the bill up to an even number might backfire on a bar when Eater posts a copy of the receipt.

Last week, a group of 30 Buddhist monks bought 534 live lobsters and set them free in the sea off Massachusetts to celebrate the holiday commemorating the Buddha’s first sermon. The sweet feature story about monks blessing a slew of crustaceans to promote karma among all living beings took a wacky turn when a blogger reported that fishermen had gone behind the holy men and re-caught all the lobsters, but balance was restored when that tale was revealed to be a hoax. Read more about it in this Boston Globe story.

Eater reported on The Ogden Street South sports bar’s practice of adding a few cents to patrons’ bills in a move apparently designed to avoid having to deal with pennies. It’s a practice most people probably would never notice – except when they do and go so far as to send the receipt to a highly read restaurant blog, setting the establishment up for a potential backlash over a matter of pennies.

What goes around comes around: The latest economic uncertainties have consumers heading for the candy store, and many are eagerly seeking the sweets that remind them of childhood and simpler times, Specialty Food magazine reported this week.

Not exactly the middle path: Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Ore., will make the Guinness Book of World Records for assembling the world’s biggest box of doughnuts last weekend, a 666-pound package of baked goods that would go for $10,000 at the chain’s regular retail prices, according to Huffington Post.

Of yin and yang:  Which wines go best with Burger King’s chicken tenders? Find out in this Huffington Post piece that tested the right reds and whites to pair with select BK menu favorites.

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