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Kick off 2013: January’s most-tweeted education posts

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Whether reading about how entrepreneurial skills can be applied to education or considering how school technology directors can reinvent themselves in the digital age, SmartBlog on Education readers started off the year by showing us what’s important to them by sharing and commenting on their favorite posts. Take a look at January’s five most-tweeted education posts.

1. 10 steps technology directors can take to stay relevant

The role of the typical school district technology director has become obsolete. Speak with your average teacher in many school districts in the U.S., and you’ll find the technology department is better known for getting in the way than for serving the educational needs of both staff and students. (read more…)

2. 12 questions for the 21st century

The global village and the flattened world are no longer the arcane ideas or metaphors of academia and scholars. Nor is global warming an invention of ideologists with a political agenda. They are as real as the security guards in our schools and the poverty that stalks too many children in the world. (read more…)

3. Grades as measurements

I have gone to great lengths in my classroom over the past few years to teach my students everything I know about grading and assessment. Why? Because I am trying to dispel the notion that a grade (all by itself) is an accomplishment. (read more…)

4. 6 ways to use social media to connect with parents

Social media can be a powerful tool to coordinate and connect with parents. At the school level, this is important work for everyone, from the classroom teacher to the principal. Some districts even have paid school employees called parent coordinators who are responsible for engaging with and involving parents in the school community. (read more…)

5. 6 entrepreneurial skills that can make us better educators

When we polarize the worlds of education and business, we miss what we can learn from each other. For example, there are many ways to apply an entrepreneurial approach to become a more effective educator. (read more…)

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