All Articles Leadership Know before you go: Interactive map outlines D.C. traffic routes for Monday's inauguration

Know before you go: Interactive map outlines D.C. traffic routes for Monday’s inauguration

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Tens of thousands of visitors are starting to descend on Washington, D.C., to attend the swearing-in of President Barack Obama on Monday. Meanwhile, local workers will be trying to make their morning commute while residents attempt to go about their regular business. Everyone will be better off knowing what to expect from road closures and other planned traffic hang-ups. It’s possible, thanks to Esri and D.C.’s WJLA.

Esri, the GIS software provider, and the WJLA broadcasting company have teamed up to provide detailed maps of road and sidewalk closures, Metro service and availability of the Capital Bikeshare program, which rents bikes at several docks stationed throughout the city. So before you venture into D.C. to witness history, or to go to work, you can check out which streets will be no-parking zones, which bridges will be diverting traffic, which Metro stations will be closed and where to stand for a good view of the inaugural parade, among other things.

Click on image to access interactive map. Courtesy: WJLA/Esri

In the maps, Esri provides icons and color-coded routes, so you’ll know where you want to be, or where you’ll want to avoid, during the 57th inauguration on Monday.