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A Labor Day reading list for leaders

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The end of summer and the return to school. The end of wearing white. Football begins, while baseball enters the stretch run. All of these things are part of Labor Day, but none of them should be the (sole) focus for leaders and managers this weekend.

Instead, I suggest two things. First, take some time for yourself for rest, relaxation, friends and family. Second, reflect on how your employees are doing. Are they receiving a well-deserved break this weekend? If not, is the time being made up? Is this weekend merely a blip in a trudging, difficult year for employees? If so, what are you doing to improve that situation? Are vacation and time to recharge considered important? Are you acknowledging the labor your employees are putting in, and are you doing so in meaningful ways?

The answers will be many, and there might be other questions you want to ask. The most important step might be to begin reflecting. To help with that, I’m offering some reading material. Enjoy the weekend!

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