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The Lake Wobegon of HR

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Last week’s SmartBrief on Workforce poll question was How would you rank your skill level in interviewing potential hires?

  • Good — 43%
  • Average — 28%
  • Excellent — 17%
  • Weak — 11%
  • Poor — 1%

SmartBrief on Workforce readers assessed their interview skills pretty highly in this poll. Are we that good? Or are we succumbing to a common fallacy? Job seekers tend to overestimate their skill at interviewing, a trait they share with the people on the other side of the desk. Part of the problem is that people are rarely ever trained in interview techniques. But even if we were, would it make much difference? As Lance Haun recently pointed out over at, neither managers or job applicants are robots.

That said, if you consider yourself a great interviewer, I’d love to hear your strategies, tips and suggestions for getting the most out of those high-stress meetings.