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Leadership traits to embrace today

In today's busy, skeptical world, the pressure is on leaders to demonstrate their skills.

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Leadership traits to embrace today

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The demands on leaders in organizations today are greater than ever before.

The truth is that everything a leader does helps, hinders or hurts the creation of a purposeful, positive, productive work culture in their team or company.

To ensure they’re encouraging that desired culture, leaders must be intentional, paying attention to every interaction with others in the workplace.

Effective leaders don’t always get the accolades they deserve. There are less-than-beneficial role models who garner media attention daily. Organizations from Volkswagen to the Houston Astros cheat to get ahead. Politicians lie with every breath.

One other huge challenge: Younger generations have goals and preferences that are much different than those of older generations who hold many leadership roles. These millennials and Generation Z employees have little patience for politics, favoritism, profits at any cost, etc. in their companies. They don’t wait. They leave, looking for an employer who treats them with respect, provides opportunities, and values their unique skills and passions.

There are four traits that help today’s leaders attract and retain talented players, deliver innovative solutions and benefit their communities.

In today’s 3.5-minute video episode just for SmartBrief readers and viewers, I describe these traits, the benefits of each trait, and emphasize the most important fact of all: Leaders will enjoy the greatest positive impact when using all four traits every day.

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