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Live from the Kennedy onRec Expo: 5 tips for a better career site

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The SmartBrief team is in Chicago this week at the Kennedy onRec Expo. One of the most compelling sessions of the morning focused on best practices in developing corporate career sites. We listened to recruiting pros from Motorola, Best Buy, Bernard HODES Group, and CKR Interactive discuss how they use their career pages to attract top talent.

Their top tips include:

  • Integrate your consumer brand with your employment brand. A candidate’s experience on your career Web site should be just as positive as a consumer’s experience on your consumer Web site.
  • Put a job search box on the home page, using a “holistic” job search that provides event and content results in addition to relevant jobs.
  • Re-think job alerts to make sure you’re sending candidates information through media sources that they use the most, not just e-mail.
  • Think of your career site as a social network.Give candidates a variety of ways to engage with your company and your recruiters and to leave questions and comments. Candidates are drawn to social media because of the real-time conversations happening there; think about ways that your career Web site can enable these conversations.
  • Set your company apart. Choose your company’s program or value that’s most compelling and focus your messaging on that aspect of your company –- whether it’s your strong benefits offerings, your focus on social responsibility or your commitment to volunteerism.

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