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Map book highlights how feds harness GIS

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Federal agencies’ use of geographic information systems is on display in 133 maps featured in a new book from Esri. The full-color maps demonstrate how the agencies and Congress, among others, employ Esri’s ArcGIS to tackle matters such as national security, transportation and the census.

The book, “Mapping the Nation: Pioneering a New Platform for Government,” aims to illustrate how the government and public frequently put ArcGIS to use for everyday matters along with major health and environmental issues, humanitarian aid, emergency management and more. The maps are used to help engage the public, reconcile a variety of viewpoints and share information among citizens and government employees, Esri said.

“In a previous version of this book, I spoke about the development of a GIS platform that would promote more efficient and transparent governance through a new framework, including cloud computing. This platform is now in place, and the U.S. federal government is taking advantage of its powerful capabilities,” Esri President Jack Dangermond said in a statement.