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Map shines light on refugee camps around the world

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Kenya houses 488,972 refugees from Somalia and takes the top four spots on Esri’s map of the 50 most populous refugee camps serviced by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees. Altogether the camps on the map hold more than 1.9 million displaced people, and the largest ones can be found in Africa and South Asia.

Pakistan accounts for nine spots on the list, two of which are in the top 10, and houses nearly 300,000 refugees, mostly from Afghanistan.

The 50 most populous refugee camps. Click on image to launch interactive map.

Kenya’s Dadaab complex includes Hagadera, Dagahaley, Ifo and Ifo 2, and has been housing refugees for decades, making its status more permanent than not.

Camps in Tanzania, India, Turkey and Uganda finish out the top 10 most populous refugee camps, which hold a total population of more than 844,000 that depend largely on outside aid for resources needed for survival due to the camps’ largely arid environments.