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From Milken: How Title IX is shaping leadership

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Today’s post is from Liz Ruskin, contributing editor for SmartBrief on Leadership.

When will women shatter the glass ceiling trapping them in middle management?

“We think the big breakthrough for women is going to be when the Title IX generation gets to an age when they’re starting to become leaders,” said Robert Damon, North American president of Korn/Ferry International, a panelist at the Milken Institute Global Conference. Title IX is the anti-discrimination legislation credited with bringing gender equality to high school and college sports.

Girls who have reaped the benefits of greater opportunity in sports develop a different style of leadership than what their predecessors had, Damon claims. They “understand leadership and the team environment and competition, and that’s a relatively new phenomenon for girls,” he says That experience, he suggested, leaves them with the attributes they need to break into senior management en masse.

He didn’t say how old the post-Title IX generation has to be for this to occur. Girls who started high school the year Congress passed Title IX are now in their 50s.

Watch the video of the presentation.

What do you think? Has participation in sports had impact on womens’ lives at work?