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Moving from managing to leading: Developing your leadership presence

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If you’re like most of us, you see people get promoted over your head that are less talented and less capable. This is particularly frustrating when you’re trying to make the tough leap from a management to a leadership position.

What have the folks getting promoted over you have learned that maybe you haven’t? That a strong leadership presence is one of the keys to being hired into the executive and C-suite ranks. And that your leadership presence is at the core of your Invisible Resume that helps you land the executive job, and succeed once you’re there.

In this three-part video series, I cover several diverse aspects of your Invisible Leadership Resume, your global perspective and your leadership presence and your authentic leadership style.

Part II: Develop Your Leadership Presence

Your leadership presence may not be what you think it is. It’s not about what you do, it’s about how others feel when they interact with you. Of course, your actions strongly affect how they feel, but the point is that the measure of your success is in how others feel. When people who can help promote you — or give you the big contract — interact with you, how do they feel? Are they energized? Excited? Motivated? If the answer is no, you’ve got work to do. If it’s yes, know that there’s even more you can do to build out your Invisible Resume to earn their respect and trust with greater responsibility.

In the video, I give an example of where I succeeded in building my leadership presence by helping others feel smarter in my area of expertise. There are other strategies to help you build your leadership presence as well.

Building your leadership presence is a lifelong journey, and I hope you’ll join me in a free webinar May 30 to start building your Invisible Resume today.