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Moving from managing to leading — taking on the big picture

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Moving from managing to leading is a challenge because the skills that make you a good manager aren’t enough to help you excel in leadership positions. Men and women alike sometimes perceive the gap between managing and leading to be a “glass ceiling” when, in many cases, it’s not necessarily that at all; it’s a subtle group of skills you must have to be considered for leadership.

Many people who make it into leadership, even the ones who don’t appear to deserve it, have mastered skills that don’t show up on a traditional resume. They have built a strong Invisible Resume that helps them get into — and succeed — in the executive and C-suite ranks.

In this three-part video series, I’ll cover several diverse aspects of your Invisible Leadership Resume, your global perspective, your leadership presence and your authentic leadership style.

Part I: To be a leader, you must get out of the weeds

Leaders, especially those who will thrive in the C-suite, must understand the entire business, not just their area of expertise. Leaders have to understand the industry, perceive trends in the environment that affect the company and exhibit a strategic perspective.

If you haven’t already, start spending some time every week getting smart about the business and the industry. Ask to sit on task forces that will give you insight into other parts of the company, including international operations. Invest in getting smart and then speak up with relevant insights and suggestions when meeting with your superiors, clients and team. Don’t just know it; speak it. This is how you build a global perspective into your Invisible Resume and move from managing to leading.

Being a leader is a lifelong journey, and I hope you’ll join me in a free webinar May 30 to start building your Invisible Resume today.