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Nasdaq Futures hits 700,000 contracts in less than a year

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Nasdaq Futures has garnered support across all energy sectors since launching last July. In all, 7 million-plus contracts have been traded on the market, offering futures and options across key energy benchmarks. Volume growth and open interest has remained consistently above 20%.

Open interest has reached 700,000 contracts, again underscoring consistent support from market participants, including both hedgers and traders. Nasdaq Futures is consistently above the 10% mark in gasoil and has repeatedly registered a market share in excess of 20% in natural gas options.

“Since inception, Nasdaq Futures has focused on building robust liquidity in the core energy products, with specific strength in gasoil and natural gas options,” said CEO Magnus Haglind. “This growth momentum highlights the value of Nasdaq Futures for customers.  As we know, cost-efficiency is an important factor for our clients, based in part on the recent challenges in the underlying commodities markets. We remain dedicated to providing customers with value added pricing and an innovative clearing platform, and we are encouraged by the support from a wide variety of market participants.”

Nasdaq Futures’ 17 Futures Commission Merchants worldwide provide easy market access to energy markets. Additional FCMs are expressing strong interest in Nasdaq Futures, highlighting the underlying value proposition, according to the company.

“We are pleased with the support from the FCM community, and thanks to the broad distribution and partnerships with leading independent software vendors, Nasdaq Futures is easily accessible for trading across the globe,” Haglind said.