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New consumer segmentation study shows changing breakfast trends

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Morning is when millions of people eat away from home. But today, how A.M. consumers make their morning food choices and purchases is dramatically different than how they’ve previously decided what to eat.  Now there are a myriad of variables that affect how people choose their first meal. These include:

  • An unlimited variety of foods available in the morning, at quick-serve restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops and more.
  • More finely segmented demographic groups including employed vs. retired, urban vs. suburban, stay-at-homes vs. business travelers.
  • Changing attitudes about the definition of morning “meals.” A relaxing sit-down breakfast could be considered a meal to one, while a protein bar and cup of coffee is an equally satisfying option for someone else.

Because eating behaviors have such a large effect on the foodservice industry, Kellogg’s examined what motivates those who eat away from home in the morning. The resulting “Away From Home A.M. Segmentation Study” provides a ground-breaking analysis of the ever-changing morning food and beverage consumer. It takes a look at when, where and what people eat for breakfast and why they make these choices.

Not only does the study uncover detailed profiles and comprehensive demographic breakdowns of the diverse and unique types of morning consumers, but it also reveals their evolving attitudes about food choices made away from home. Breaking consumers’ habits into five distinct segments can help operators assess their current breakfast menu and identify opportunities to build incremental sales by balancing out their offerings to meet the needs of the segments they want to reach.

For example, 15% of consumers bundle a salty snack and soda during the AM hours, with about half of those consumers choosing this bundle early in the morning. Understanding these and other trends can help users better reach their target customers.

Source:  Kellogg’s AM Segmentation Study, 2013

To find out how more about this revolutionary study, and how its detailed findings can benefit your business, click here for more information.

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