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Office managers: Is your break room ready for the return?

As more employees return to the office after working from home, office managers can perk up the break room with beverage options that offer something for everyone.

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Office managers: Is your break room ready for the return?


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Office managers have a lot on their plates as more employers welcome staffers back to the workplace.

Almost half (48%) of employed Americans whose employers have made pandemic-related changes to work location said their employer expects them to return to the office full time, according to a recent nationwide survey from OfficeSpace Software and The Harris Poll. Just over a quarter (27%) said their employer currently requires them to return to the office for part of the week.

Getting the break room ready for action is an important item on your to-do list — especially the beverage options. After all, if Sage doesn’t have a piping hot black coffee to start the day, or Whitney doesn’t get that frothy iced latte to combat the 3 p.m. brain freeze, productivity and morale could suffer.

Delivering that level of personalization doesn’t require an in-house barista or a time-consuming trip to the coffee place next door.

The Flavia Creation 600 brewing system makes it fast and easy to create a workplace beverage station so team members can get the drinks they want the way they want them, and get back to work. Most drinks take just 60 seconds start to finish. The system works for you — and for everyone in your office. The modular design, which doesn’t take up a lot of space, features an easy-to-use touchscreen display and a wide range of flavors and options. And the system can be tailored to meet your needs as the return to work continues.

  • Deliver a variety of hot and cold beverages. Employees appreciate perks like delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate and specialty drinks on demand. Flavia beverages can be brewed hot or over ice and embellished with milk and dairy alternatives. And the patented brewing process ensures no cross-over in flavor from one drink to the next.
  • Order and restock with ease. Flavia helps you estimate the right amount of supplies and design a custom array of drink packets based on your preferences and the products popular with coworkers. Reordering is easy via an online portal.  
  • Support safe and hygienic workplace practices. The Flavia system reduces the need to wait in line with strangers at the local cafe, limiting potential exposure to cold, flu and other germs. The unit is easy to clean, and you can add an ultra-thin sustainable hygiene protector for the touchscreen. Employees can also download the Tap n Brew App for a touchless experience from their own smartphones.

You have a lot to take care of as employees return to work and the holidays approach. A new Flavia brewing system checks several items off your list so you can focus on more complicated tasks.

Learn more about how the Flavia C600 can make your job a little easier or request a demo.