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Online assessments: Are we there yet?

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Starting this spring, students at K-12 schools across the country will participate in the new online assessments required under Common Core. But are schools really ready for this transition—or do they have more than a little ways to go before they get there? We asked SmartBrief on EdTech readers to let us know how prepared – or not! – their schools are for these tests.

The majority of schools are not ready for the new assessments, according to our findings. More than two-thirds of our readers – or 69% — report that their school is not ready but that it is “getting there.” Less than one-fourth of EdTech readers (24%) say their school is fully prepared to roll out the assessments.

Results were similar for students and teacher preparation. Only 15% of readers stated that their teachers were prepared to issue the tests; 51% said their teachers aren’t ready. Fifty percent of respondents stated that their students are not prepared for the tests and that they lack the computer skills needed to complete the assessments.

Take a look at the poll findings:

Is your school or district fully prepared to roll out new assessments under the Common Core State Standards?

  • Yes: 24%
  • No, but we’re getting there: 69%
  • We are not doing online assessments this year : 7%

Are your teachers prepared to issue the new online state tests?

  • Yes: 15%
  • Somewhat: 34%
  • No: 51%

Are your students ready to take the Common Core assessments? Do they have the typing and computer skills required to complete the assessments?

  • Yes: 18%
  • Somewhat: 32%
  • No: 50%

What say you? Is your school or district ready for the new assessments? Let us know what your school’s plans are for the assessments. Drop us a line or leave a comment in the space below.