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The pick 6: September

The stories that scored this month with readers, plus highlights from the 2018 HR Tech show.

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The pick 6: September

HR Technology Conference & Expo 2018 (Photo credit: Kanoe Namahoe)

What a month! Another TV network executive got the boot, researchers looked at why our sedentary jobs make us so tired and a blind high-school football player showed us what real vision looks like. Plus, HR practitioners from across the country converged on Las Vegas to hear about the latest developments in workplace technologies and practices at the 2018 HR Technology Conference & Exposition.

And we covered it all in SmartBrief on Workforce. Here’s what scored with readers this month, plus a side order of Twitter, featuring highlights from the show.

He said, she said

CBS fired “60 Minutes” executive producer Jeff Fager over a text he sent reporter Jericka Duncan, who had asked for comment on a New Yorker report of sexual harassment allegations against him. Fager says that the allegations are false and that his message to Duncan, which has been shared with viewers, requests fair coverage of the story.

See you in court

Spotify found itself in the hot seat recently when former sales executive Hong Perez filed a lawsuit against the company and her former boss Brian Berner, alleging systemic gender discrimination, sexual harassment, defamation, retaliation and equal-pay violation. Perez says Berner and another executive took groups of male employees to the Sundance Film Festival and Atlantic City as part of “boys trips” that included drug use, fights and strip clubs.

And then…

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sued transportation company Werner Enterprises saying it was in the wrong when it refused to hire Andrew Deuschle as a truck driver because he is deaf. The company says Deuschle can’t safely perform his job duties but the EEOC, in its lawsuit, says Deuschle received an exemption from the hearing regulation to drive a commercial vehicle and that the company’s application practices violate the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Triple espresso, please

Why does a long day of sitting and working at a desk leave us weary and drained? Studies point to a couple possibilities for the physical fatigue, writes Brian Resnick, including the hypothesis that the mental energy we expend during the day has a draining effect on our bodies.

I’m taking my ball and going home

Buffalo Bills defensive back Vontae Davis set off a firestorm of conversation when he retired during halftime of the game against the San Diego Chargers. Davis’ abrupt departure drew criticism from some teammates and former NFL players but others defended his decision, saying workers have a right to resign on their own terms.

For the win

“Mom, all my sides are blind.” – What freshman running back Adonis Watt, who is blind, told his mother who cautioned him about playing football saying other teams would hit his blind spot. Watt rushed for two touchdowns in a recent game against a team that did not know he was blind.

Show me

Did you miss HR Tech? Not to worry. We bring the highlights to you—from keynotes to emerging trends to conversations from the show floor—in this Twitter Moment.

Kanoe Namahoe is the editorial director for SmartBrief Education and Workforce.


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