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Report update: Brushing up on the evolution of digital food shopping

FMI and Nielsen teamed up to report on the state of digital retail in the grocery industry. Find out how SmartBrief's coverage has kept up with the report's findings.

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Brushing up on the evolution of digital food shopping


Digital shopping is a constantly-evolving concept in today’s retail industry, especially when it comes to food retail. From omnichannel and mobile offerings to pure-play e-commerce and delivery services, grocers are finding that making digital part of their business models is a necessity.

The Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen teamed up to explore this digital turning point of the food retail industry in a report released earlier this year. It’s been more than three months since SmartBrief explored the findings of the report. How has our news coverage in our food and beverage newsletters reflected these findings?

Covering the digital food shopper

The report found that today’s digital food shoppers are always connected via mobile and other channels. They are constantly looking to engage with the companies they do business with across many channels, and when it comes to grocery shopping, they have come to expect offerings including mobile coupons and usable apps.

From Pepsi’s strategies on social media platforms including Snapchat to the mobile shopping habits of Generation Z, news about the connected food shopper has gotten significant coverage in our briefs:

Sharpening the focus on grocery e-commerce

According to the FMI-Nielsen report, food retailers are strengthening their efforts to get a clear picture of today’s digital grocery shopper, who is young, engaged and efficient. While retailers struggle to find their sweet spot when it comes to targeting digital shoppers, they are testing different technologies such as location technology, ordering buttons and data and analytics, all while keeping transparency in mind.

Over the last few months, SmartBrief’s coverage has included several news items about how food retailers and brands are tailoring their e-commerce efforts to better target today’s digital shopper:

Painting a picture of the state of digital integration in grocery

In the end, the report found that there is no secret recipe to integrating digital shopping into the food retail experience. Every retailer and brand must find their own balance between physical retail and digital retail, and discover what omnichannel experience works best for their business.

SmartBrief’s coverage of food and beverage news continues to highlight this aspect of the report, with grocers and CPG brands innovating and exploring omnichannel retail in new ways every day:


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