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Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trends #MoSoCo

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There’s no denying that we, as a culture, have become slaves to technology. We feel lost without our smartphones, left behind without the latest version of whatever iSomething has just hit the market, and our main form of interaction is through a digital landscape. Throughout the years, mobile technology has evolved into devices that can almost do it all — from making payments at Starbucks and other select retailers to helping us make decisions, like which restaurant to go to.

DigitalCoCo has recently extracted data from its Restaurant Social Media Index (RSMI) to delve further into who today’s Mobile Social Consumer is, and how this group is engaging with — and affecting — the restaurant and hospitality industry. Additionally, the RSMI data unveils which top brands are utilizing the new landscape of mobile and social for consumer engagement.

DigitalCoCo is the proprietary owner of the largest consumer index for the restaurant and hospitality industry, with more than 40 million consumers related to the industry, and tracks more than 4,200 restaurant brands. The Restaurant Mobile Social Consumer Trends Report has been developed based on the habits and usage of mobile and tablet computers within the restaurant space of more than 40 million consumers in 2012.