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Ryan Estis, on preparing for HR 2.0

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This post was written by SmartBrief’s Doris Nhan.

At the SHRM annual conference in San Diego, SmartBrief’s senior editor Mary Ellen Slayter sat down with Ryan Estis of Ryan Estis Associates to discuss the evolving workplace environment and how HR management fits into it. Ryan, a  business performance consultant, dubs it “HR 2.0.”

Among his key points:

  • HR 2.0 represents a shift in human resources management, as companies begin to pull away from the economic recession. “We’re heading into a time where talent is going to be the long term sustainable, competitive advantage,” he said.
  • A company’s biggest mistake to make during HR 2.0? Lacking focus and failing to cultivate culture. Ryan believes there’s a lot of employee potential that companies fail to invest in.
  • The most successful companies are those who embrace technology. Technology represents a way to accelerate a company’s success and will transform the way employees connect in the workplace.

Watch the full video here, as well as other conversations with HR thought leaders from Smartbrief’s video series with Monster.com:


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