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Like SmartBlogs? Get even more insight with SmartBrief’s newsletters

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The SmartBlogs network, including SmartBlog on Leadership, is an extension of SmartBrief’s industry-leading free e-mail newsletters. Many of you subscribe to SmartBrief on Leadership already, but you may not know about some of the other “best practices” publications for leaders and managers that SmartBrief offers. Here are some of them:

  • SmartBrief for CFOs: A daily look at the most important news for finance professionals.
  • SmartBrief on Entrepreneurs: The best daily advice on leadership, operations and financing for entrepreneurs.
  • SmartBrief on Your Career: Whether you’re entering the workforce or a seasoned professional, SmartBrief on Your Career can help you be smarter and sharper in the workplace.
  • SmartBrief on Workforce: A daily dose of need-to-know news for professionals in HR, talent management, recruiting and related fields.
  • NEW SmartBrief: Each week, stay on top of women’s leadership news with the Network of Executive Women.
  • WFF SmartBrief: A weekly look at women’s leadership news in partnership with Women’s Foodservice Forum.

Of course, we offer dozens of additional newsletters organized by specific industry. Take a look at the full list today.