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Start the year off right with contribution planning

Create a culture by establishing a cycle: planning, expectations, coaching, review and repeat.

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Annual plan


Wouldn’t it be inspiring this year to have all your leaders and team members deliver promised results and treat others respectfully in every interaction?

To ensure results and respect are delivered daily, leaders must create a clear plan, outlining expectations in both goals and performance as well as aligning to the organization’s values.

A formalized contribution plan creates a common understanding of expected deliverables and required valued behaviors. It enables leaders to coach, to praise aligned efforts and accomplishments and redirect misaligned efforts and behaviors.

Consistent coaching also allows for flexibility — changes to the plan over the year. 

A formal plan followed by consistent coaching leads to an annual review that celebrates aligned contributions and citizenship and identifies areas for improvement. Insights from that year’s efforts are incorporated into the next year’s plan, and the cycle begins again.

And, the process won’t work if leaders and team members don’t know how to create an effective contribution plan.

Watch this crisp, three-minute video to learn what one senior leader discovered and how a clear, six-element contribution plan got her executive team back on track.

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