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Tackling the Complexity of Sustainability Data

Data is the linchpin of corporate sustainability, so learn more about how companies like Deloitte, Amazon and FedEx are gathering and disseminating sustainability data.

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As Evan notes in this episode, data is the linchpin of corporate sustainability. So we are gonna spend a lot of time talking about data; including how companies like Amazon and FedEx gather and disseminate sustainability data.

And to help us sort out the complexitiy of all that data, John Mennel, Managing Director in Deloitte’s Sustainability, Climate & Equity practice, joins the show (18:44) to share his insights on current corporate sustainability trends. John also details some of the technology- and analytics-enabled tools Deloitte has developed — including GreenLight SolutionGreenSpace Tech and ClearCarbon — to help companies and investors design and implement decarbonization plans, commercialize abatements and better understand climate-related risks.

Show segments

Sustainable or Suspicious – (1:58)
Amazon’s HQ2 make some bold sustainability claims

Top Headlines from SmartBrief on Sustainability – (12:05)
FedEx offers emissions tracking tool
Climate change reducing omega-3 content of ocean fish
Dutch city tackles litter with fleet of mini EVs

Highlights from John Mennel – (18:44)

Deloitte’s centralized position in the sustainability landscape – (18:58)
Things organization need to remember when establishing net-zero goals – (20:21)
Do we live in a world with too much data? Or not enough? – (22:04)
Which data needs to be prioritized: Compliance vs Business improvement vs Business transformation – (23:50)
The challenges of Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 reporting standards – (27:04)
Using data to navigate the intersection of stakeholders and regulators – (29:39)
Talent as a key stakeholder – Deloitte’s Gen Z and Millenial Survey (32:07)
The basics of GreenLight Solution – (34:55)
How GreenSpace Tech propels innovation – (37:46)
The ClearCarbon tool for the food sector – (41:10)
How the field of sustainability has evolved over the years – (42:38)
John’s bold predictions about the future of sustainability – (44:51)

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