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Taking a pulse on the path to the common core

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A majority of states have signed on to the Common Core State Standards and work is well underway across the country to implement the new standards from curriculum changes to preparation for new online tests. However, debate over the standards continues in some states, as some continue to question the standards themselves while others are concerned about the cost and logistics of implementation.

Respondents to a recent SmartBrief on EdTech poll say information about the common core is being shared primarily through updates on school or district websites — 55.88% — and newsletters — 26.48%.  Another 11.46% of respondents said special public meetings were being held, and just about 6% are sharing updates through social media or other electronic communication.

Despite these efforts, when asked about support for the standards, some 63.51% of respondents said questions remain about the standards among multiple groups of stakeholders, including policymakers, teachers, parents and students.

Meanwhile, nearly 53% of respondents said their school or district has adequate technology in place — or is on track to have the technology — to implement the common core, including online assessments. However, 43% of respondents said their school or district is not “tech-ready.”

What steps have been taken in your school or district to inform the community — including parents and students — about the Common Core State Standards?

  • Information provided on district/school website — 55.88%
  • Updates given in school/district newsletters — 26.47%
  • Information offered through regular or special public meetings — 11.76%
  • Updates offered via social media, e-mail or other electronic communication — 5.88%
  • Press releases to news media — 0.00%

Do you feel there is a lack of buy-in for the Common Core State Standards among any of the following stakeholders in your school or district?

  • There are questions or concerns among multiple stakeholder groups — 63.51%
  • All stakeholder groups are on board with the CCSS — 13.51%
  • Policymakers are not on board — 9.46%
  • Community, including parents and students, is not on board — 8.11%
  • School or district is not on board — 5.41%

Is your school or district “tech-ready” for the Common Core State Standards?

  • No — 42.86%
  • Not yet, but we’re making progress –34.45%
  • Yes – 18.49%
  • My school or district has not signed on to the CCSS — 4.20%

Comment below to let us know how your school or district is progressing on the path to the common core.

Katharine Haber is an associate editor for SmartBrief, writing and editing content about a variety of topics in education.