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TEAM Software Announces a New Product: TEAM by WorkWave

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Courtesy of TEAM Software

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For more than 30 years, TEAM Software has been a well-known name in the BSC industry. Its market-leading solutions range from enterprise workforce management, operations and financial solutions, to pre-hiring and onboarding systems and proof-of-service mobile technology. These evolutions have all happened for one reason: to bring even more value to businesses across the market, so that companies of every size and shape, no matter their goals or the challenges they face, can experience efficiency gains and growth.

SmartBrief spoke with TEAM Software President Jill Davie about the newest addition to their product suite, the recently announced software: TEAM by WorkWave.

What was the motivation behind building this new product for the marketplace? 

One of the reasons TEAM Software has been the leading provider of software solutions in the cleaning industry is our commitment to listening to what our customers – and the industry as a whole – want and need. That mindset has really enabled us to grow and innovate as we evaluate needs and challenges in an ongoing way. 

In the last several years, we’d identified a real demand for a mid-market solution; a solution that delivers workforce management functions in a few, essential areas, without rolling out every feature of our flagship ERP product, WinTeam. That’s how TEAM by WorkWave entered our product roadmap.

Jill Davie, President, TEAM Software

What sets this solution apart from TEAM Software’s other products? 

TEAM by WorkWave positions BSC companies for growth and efficiency gains by connecting critical, operations-focused business components. In layman’s terms, that means a solution that offers integrated time and attendance, customer and job information, human resources, quality assurance, personnel scheduling and mobile technologies, along with a platform to connect with third party payroll and financial management systems. 

It differs from our flagship ERP product, WinTeam, as WinTeam can actually process your payroll and perform financial functions, like invoicing and job costing. Then for our small market clients, we still offer a variety of solutions that can be more flexible and quicker to implement – TEAM Lite, for example.

What type of customer is best-suited for this new product? 

TEAM by WorkWave is best for companies with around 100 employees or more within the commercial landscape. Top needs could include mobile access, sophisticated time and attendance tracking, insights into customer and job details, compliance support and quality assurance, among others. 

How does this product benefit existing TEAM Software clients?

At TEAM Software, we really hold ourselves to a high standard of innovation in a way that benefits our existing customer base. Even with new product launches, we’re gaining avenues to test new features, gain capital and innovate on the knowledge we’ve gathered. From there, our aim is to invest our findings back into our existing product suite, so our users in EVERY market can benefit from what we’ve learned. It’s our goal to help all of our customers improve performance while minimizing cost and risk, and product launches help us do that across our entire portfolio.