All Articles Education Tech equity, remote lessons and learning loss: Education conversations from March 2021

Tech equity, remote lessons and learning loss: Education conversations from March 2021

Here are some of our top education stories that ran during March, 2021.

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Tech equity, remote lessons and learning loss: Education conversations from March 2021


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As COVID-19 vaccines began rolling out on a wider scale in March, the discussions on K-12 education, and beyond, continued to shift to a “what’s next” approach. Reflection on the one-year anniversary of the sudden shift to remote learning, along with more students returning to in-person classrooms, sparked even deeper discussions on everything from racial disparities to the benefits of the unusual learning model over the past year. 

Here are some of the most popular topics and conversations at SmartBrief Education in March, 2021:

Students have not been on vacation

SmartBrief Originals by Kanoe Namahoe was first published March 24, 2021

As students return to their school buildings, educators should remember that students are not coming back rested from a vacation but weathered from a year of traumatizing events, and instruction should be adjusted accordingly, says Diana Arya, education professor at University of California at Santa Barbara. Arya participated in a recent panel discussion about student emotional wellness and reading instruction with reading specialist Donell Pons and Nevada Teacher of the Year 2021 Juliana Urtubey. 

Remote learning will remain popular option after pandemic

Original Government Technology article by Brandon Paykamian was published March 24, 2021

Roughly 20% of K-12 schools will continue to offer remote learning classes for students after the COVID-19 pandemic fades, the RAND Corp. reports in a survey of US education officials. Some families have responded favorably to the greater flexibility and change of pace online educational courses present, RAND says.

How to adapt hands-on science experiments for remote learning 

SmartBrief Originals by Sherrie Starkie was first published March 30, 2021

Hands-on learning is critical in science, according to Sherrie Starkie, a science specialist at Coyote Creek Elementary School. In this blog post, Starkie shares how she adapted hands-on experiments in a remote setting, including a focus on collaboration and group work. 

Khan Academy founder creates free tutoring service

Original The Denver Post article by Mira Williams was first published March 28, 2021

The Colorado Education Initiative is partnering with the nonprofit to offer free tutoring for students. The service, launched by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, is available for students age 13 and older taking middle- and high-school math and SAT preparation.

Counselor offers 3 tips to boost student engagement 

SmartBrief Originals by Katherine Keefer was first published March 9, 2021

Katherine Keefer, school counselor at Toby Farms Intermediate School in Chester, Pa., writes that she has been working to boost student engagement since August. In this blog post, Keefer suggests asking for help from the community, tapping relevant guest speakers — including Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot Gritty — and looking for nonacademic opportunities for engagement.


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