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Tech Showcase roundup: April

Product highlights include “talking” seed packets that teach students about nutrition.

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Tech Showcase roundup: April


A platform that helps measure social-emotional learning and science curriculum that uses “talking” seed packets to teach students about nutrition are among the featured tools in this month’s Tech Showcase.

Tool helps assess social-emotional learning

Panorama Education has launched a tool designed to help measure and develop students’ social-emotional abilities, including grit, growth mindset and self-management, among others. The platform collects data from individual students and teachers then provides teachers with tactics for nurturing students’ social-emotional skills.

Activities teach storytelling using comics

Students can learn how to tell stories using comics with curriculum from Pop Culture Classroom. “Storytelling Through Comics” comes with comic-specific literacy and art activities, plus a library of video lessons taught by professional comic artists.

“Talking” seed packets teach about nutrition

Powerful Plants is a science curriculum featuring “talking” seed packets that teach students about growing and eating locally grown produce. Each packet features a character — such as Daucus the Carrot — and when students view the packet using the Powerful Plants mobile app, the characters “come to life” and share nutritional information, facts and planting tips.

Athletes, resources aim to discourage underage drinking

AskLearnListen is offering teachers free videos, games and resources designed to teach students about the effects of alcohol. The organization has also teamed up with a number of athletes, including gymnast Simone Biles and soccer player Lauren Holiday, to help emphasize healthy lifestyle and discourage underage drinking.


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