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Tech Showcase roundup: June

From new science education videos to a web tool that lets teachers and students create interactive video lessons, an update on the latest ed-tech product and service offerings.

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Tech Showcase roundup: June


A web tool lets teachers create interactive video lessons; a crowdfunding platform puts students and donors together; and a new interactive flat panel comes with games and multi-touch design in this month’s Tech Showcase roundup.

Zaption is a web-based platform that lets teachers and students insert elements, such as images, text, quizzes and discussions, into videos to create interactive lessons. Users can add the components into videos they produce as well as videos from YouTube and Vimeo that offered through the platform. Teachers can sign up for free accounts on the Zaption website.

LearnLux is a free tool designed to teach users – including students – about personal finance, from basic banking to building credit to investments and retirement planning. The system helps users set up goals, open new accounts and make decisions about their financial futures.

JoVE has added two new video collections to its science education library. Essentials of Physical Examinations I covers the basics of performing physical exams while Essentials of Physical Examinations II goes more in-depth, focusing on specialized exams.

AngelScholars is a crowdfunding program connects students and donors. Students can use the site to find and apply for money or create a fundraising campaign. The platform lets donors set up or fund scholarships.

BenQ has released a new interactive flat panel — the RP653 — that comes with games and 20-point multi-touch design, among other features.

This free on-demand webcast, sponsored by Apperson, feature speakers from the YMCA talking about their after-school program aimed at improving academic outcomes of at-risk students through social-emotional learning.

Blackbaud has created a free infographic that shows campuses how they can use its software to engage students and donors. The infographic includes links to free webinars and product information.

InFocus has released its 65-inch capacitive-touch PC, the Mondopad. The device supports video calling and whiteboarding so users can collaborate, face-to-face, with users in remote locations.