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Tech Tip: Developing a PD plan for your one-to-one program

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Too often failed one-to-one implementations make headlines for a lack of planning, including professional development. Well planned and sustained professional development is a key component of a successful one-to-one program. Budgeting PD funding and staff not only for the initial rollout year but the years to come is essential. Better yet, begin the PD a year or more ahead of the implementation.

The training should be relevant, frequent and differentiated. We have found great success with small group meetings held before, during and after school. Sometimes teachers meet by grade levels and subjects, and other times by ability and interest. We schedule these half-day sessions in August and three additional times during the school year. Providing teachers with opportunities to connect, collaborate and brainstorm ideas has advanced the level of technology integration we see on a daily basis in our one-to-one program. We also have dedicated instructional technology support staff on site to meet individually with teachers and do frequent classroom walkthroughs, all to provide constant support to our teachers.

Dave Eisenmann, M.A.Ed., has been the director of instructional technology and media services at Minnetonka Public Schools for 11 years. Eisenmann manages instructional technology projects, implementations, and staff development related to curriculum and instruction. He spent four years as an elementary school teacher and four years as a middle school teacher prior to his current position. Eisenmann is an adjunct professor at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and teaching specialist at the University of Minnesota, teaching classes on technology integration.