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Tech Tip roundup: How to boost teacher success, IT efficiency and student engagement

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Every Tuesday SmartBrief on EdTech runs Tech Tips, a column featuring practical advice from school technologists and tech-using educators. This month, we are running a roundup of the top tips from the year. Below are ideas for encouraging teacher growth and success; streamlining IT processes; and driving student engagement.

Helping teachers develop a “growth mindset”

To encourage teachers to innovate using technology, they should be encouraged to develop a “growth mindset,” writes Andrew Hamilton, technology integration specialist at Northeast Metro Intermediate District 916 in Minnesota. In this blog post, he writes that this mindset will not develop overnight and shares several tips to help foster the change.

5 truths for teaching success

The teaching profession is evolving, and educators should be ready to move with the tides of change, systems and leadership coach Michael Niehoff writes in this blog post. He shares five facts he believes educators must embrace to remain successful in the field

How schools can improve the computer-login process

Schools should simplify the login process for students to give them faster access to technology, writes James Roodhouse, technology director for Geneseo CUSD 228 in Geneseo, Ill. In this blog post, he suggests schools install kiosk-like computers, where students save all their work to the cloud

How technology can benefit introverted students

Teachers can use technology to draw out introverted students, writes Kerry Gallagher, a technology integration specialist at St. Johns Preparatory School in Danvers, Mass. In this blog post, she suggests several strategies, games, formative tools and other platforms to engage all learners.

Tech Tip: Use brain-based strategies to engage students

It is essential to engage students in order to promote deeper learning, according to Joli Barker, a teacher at Press Elementary in McKinney, Texas. In this blog post, Barker suggests engaging students by allowing them to explore content with four brain-based learning areas in mind.


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