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The Tricky Business of Communicating About Sustainability

Mike Hower outlines best practices when it comes to messaging and communication about sustainability initiatives

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This episode is a little bit different. There are no segments from the Sustainability SmartPod gang. No debating what’s sustainable or suspicious. No recap of the latest headlines. No roundup of cool sustainability initiatives from around the world. Instead, we’re going to talk about one of the things that we like to hammer on every episode: the importance of communicating sustainability effectively.

Mike Hower, one of the premier thought leaders on ESG and sustainability communications, joins the show to outline best practices when it comes to sustainability communications. Mike has an extensive background as a journalist, and now his firm, Hower Impact, helps companies shape their sustainability messages. As we’ve said many times on this show, it’s really important for companies to understand that the messaging behind what they do when it comes to sustainability initiatives is almost as important as the initiative itself. Mike has got some great insights, so we think you’ll appreciate what he has to say.

Highlights from Mike Hower

Consumer trust and ESG data – (1:33)
Tailoring communication for different audiences – (4:01)
Should sustainability communication be boring? – (7:23)
How companies in hard-to-abate industries can talk about sustainability – (11:28)
Are there times when companies should just stay quiet on sustainability? – (16:17)
Which companies are getting it right when it comes to sustainability communications? – (21:22)
The difference between accountability and transparency in communications – (26:49)
Advice for aspiring corporate sustainability professionals – (29:51)

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