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Today’s bonus tracks: Too much transparency?

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There appears to be a generational divide in attitudes regarding internal company information — primarily whether it should be kept private or open for the entire world to see. Some more seasoned workers like “Brand for Talent”‘s Libby Sartain consider conveying this information to the public to be disloyal and just plain wrong, while “to the younger generation complete transparency is ethical. Keeping information secret … well that is unethical,” she writes.

As a member of Gen X, it’s not a surprise that I tend to be in favor of transparency. I don’t condone sharing legitimate company secrets, such as the recipe for Diet Coke, but I think there’s something rather shady about wanting to keep many other sorts of information tightly under wraps.

What do you think? Also, Sartain offers six suggestions on how to handle company confidentiality issues. Do you agree with these? Do you have something to add? Share your thoughts here.

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