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Top 10: Big moves in products, company strategies, leadership trending this week in food and beverage

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SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers saw CPG companies making some big moves in the product arena in our news coverage this week, with Keurig informing consumers about the upcoming launch of its Keurig Kold machine and WhiteWave reporting a 27% growth in shares so far this year, driven by the company’s yogurt, plant-based and Horizon Organic products. Cheerios is taking a big step into the gluten-free market with five gluten-free cereal varieties, and Slim Jim is looking to capture more male millennial consumers with its new Funny or Die ad campaign.

Food companies seemed to be focused on their growth strategies this week. Anthony Bourdain announced plans for a shipping warehouse full of food destinations from vendors, to stalls, to shops. Albertsons announced it could raise up to $1.84 billion in an initial public offering, while Kroger gathered 5,000 of its managers from across the company to talk about the retailer’s future growth. And speaking of Kroger’s gathering of managers, leadership made more than one appearance on this week’s list of top 10 most-clicked stories, with Chipotle’s 39-point performance reviews that help keep its store managers on track also drawing interest from members of the food and beverage industry.

Take a look at the full list of this week’s 10 most-clicked stories below:

  1. Bourdain Market to open in 2017
  2. Keurig gears up to launch Keurig Kold
  3. McDonald’s gives DIY burger program a new name
  4. Albertsons owner plans $1.84B IPO
  5. Zagat readers choose their favorite fast casuals
  6. Kroger brings together 5,000 for leadership summit
  7. Stick-and-carrot approach keeps Chipotle managers on track
  8. Yogurt, plant-based products drive growth for WhiteWave
  9. Five gluten-free Cheerios varieties hit shelves
  10. New Slim Jim ad campaign targets millennial males


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