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Top 10: Pizza, Pepsi and a legacy of pots and pans

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A new promotion and campaign touting the premium ingredients and recipes that make Papa John’s pizzas worth paying a bit more for ranked high with SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers this week, coming in second after a tale about the soaring popularity of meat-based jerky from established companies and emerging startups such as Epic, which was recently acquired by General Mills.

PepsiCo’s plans for a restaurant, bar and event venue called Kola House also made the top five, as did news that grocers Meijer, Lucky Supermarkets and Whole Foods’ 365 are vying for retail space in the Twin Cities and a story about the will of Williams-Sonoma founder Chuck Williams, which leaves his massive cookware collection to the Culinary Institute of America.

Here’s the entire Top 10 list of this week’s most-read food and beverage stories:

  1. Jerky craze shows no sign of slowing
  2. Papa John’s shifts focus from price to premium pizza
  3. Meijer, Lucky’s, 365 scout out crowded Twin Cities market
  4. Williams-Sonoma founder wills eclectic cookware collection to CIA
  5. Pepsi to court social-savvy consumers with Kola House
  6. CAVU Venture Partners raises $156M to invest in CPG brands
  7. Hershey to expand distribution of Krave brand
  8. Kroger chooses new division presidents
  9. How Campbell’s chefs stay on top of the latest trends
  10. Whole Foods chooses Chicago area for 365 expansion


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