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Top 10: Two new Oreos and an iconic apple pie

Oreos, McDonald's apple pie and Kroger's meal kits ranked high with SmartBrief readers.

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Top 10: Two new Oreos and an iconic apple pie


The evolution of iconic American sweet treats rated with SmartBrief’s food and beverage readers this week, including two new Oreo flavors. Firework Oreos incorporate small pieces of popping candy in the cookie’s filling, while the new Waffles & Syrup Oreos put the flavors of breakfast into a cookie. The story of McDonald’s apple pie, which was created by a franchisee in the 1960s and has gone through scores of variations since, also proved popular.

Supermarket chain Kroger’s introduction of private-label Prep + Pared meal kits at four stores, with plans to roll them out to a larger number of stores, topped this week’s most-clicked list. Another grocery story, the news that Wegmans and Publix topped Market Force’s ranking of most popular food retailers, also resonated with readers.

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  1. Kroger rolls out its own meal kits
  2. Mondelez debuts Firework Oreos with popping candy in the creme filling
  3. Wegmans, Publix come out on top in industry ranking
  4. Oreo offers breakfast for dessert with new Waffles & Syrup variety
  5. Kraft Heinz execs foresee positive results from upcoming “big bets”
  6. How McDonald’s apple pie changed with the times
  7. Snyder’s-Lance plans SKU rationalization program
  8. Eataly’s success inspires others to dive into food halls
  9. Logan’s Roadhouse to make over menus, consider acquisitions
  10. McKinsey: Food, beverage firms creating more units dedicated to growth



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