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Use intentions to go beyond simple goal-setting

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If you haven’t started thinking about your goals for 2013, you better get cracking! In this three-part video series and December webinar, we’re evaluating what makes a good goal statement — the kind that is more likely to be achieved.

Simple goal statements — “In 2013 we will increase revenues 10%” — are fine on PowerPoints and year-end reviews, but they lack information necessary to help those responsible for achieving them. Sometimes we use “objectives” as higher-level goal statements to try to provide this greater context, but I want to suggest that you use “intentions” instead. Intentions are specifically designed to include the information necessary — including a broader picture of success — enabling you to be flexible, creative and innovative when reality throws you a curveball. Intentions work at individual and team levels.

Watch the video below for more information and to receive a quick exercise you can do to help you learn to set intentions.

Register for the complimentary webinar next month on 2013 goal-setting, to view the whole video series (15 minutes) and watch for upcoming SmartBlog postings.

Dana Theus is president and CEO of InPower Consulting, creating business cultures by design, and a regular contributor to SmartBlog on Leadership. Follow her on Twitter @DanaTheus and on LinkedIn.