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Want a vibrant work culture? Embrace these 3 practices every day

Leaders know a good culture matters, but they're struggling to build those cultures.

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I study organizational cultures. I’m particularly intrigued at whether leaders embrace their primary responsibility to create a work culture that treats everyone, in every interaction, with trust, respect and dignity.

Business leaders are growing more aware of the positive impact that a healthy work culture has on my “big three”: results and profits, employee engagement and customer service. Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report found that 87% of business leaders believe that the quality of their work culture is important.

The problem? Only 28% of these business leaders believe they understand their current culture well.

Worse is that only 19% of these leaders think they have the “right” culture, today.

What can leaders do to shift their work culture to a purposeful, positive and productive state?

Watch this three-minute video for the three vital, positively impactful culture practices that can help you create a healthy work culture.


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