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We’ve made SmartBrief on Leadership even better

What's new in the SmartBrief on Leadership newsletter.

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Our SmartBrief on Leadership newsletter started on April 9, 2008, and it looked a little different than it does today. Remember when “Web site” was spelled that way and when BlackBerry was the market leader?

What hasn’t changed is the goal of us here at SmartBrief — to help today’s and tomorrow’s leaders be a little better, a little smarter and a little wiser as they work, and to do so with a short digest that links to great stuff but only takes a couple of minutes to read. Over the years, we’ve adjust what we’re reading and collecting for you, the readers, to better serve what you want and, maybe, to nudge you in a certain direction.

Last year, we added a Smarter Communication section in response to an obvious reader demand for help with the many situations where deft and nuanced communication is required. Starting this week, we’ve updated our newsletter again.

What’s staying?

Same e-mail, every day. Our top 3 sections, on leading better, strategic management and communications, will still deliver the same short summaries and story links. And we’re still bringing the “diversion” at the end to liven things up. Furthermore, this blog will still be bringing actionable insights about the difficult journey of leadership, whether you read them here first or discover our writers through our newsletters.

What’s new?

Each day, we’ll spotlight a specific area that affects leaders and aspiring leaders. Today’s is Smarter Working — every Monday, we’ll examine how to be more productive, but without simply adding more hours to your work week.

The other days? Here’s the plan:

  • Tuesdays: Innovation & Creativity
  • Wednesdays: Customers First — a look at what’s working and what’s not in customer service and customer experience delivery
  • Thursdays: The Big Picture — what’s next in the economy and the workforce of tomorrow. Not just lines of data, but going beyond that.
  • Fridays: Smarter Living — helping us all get our minds and bodies in better shape as the weekend begins.

And we’re adding a daily section called In Their Own Words, which will offer Q&As or first-person accounts from CEOs and others — advice and rumination directly from people who have been where you want to be.

My hope is that we’ll meet more of your needs while still valuing your time. Please sign up for or pass along the SmartBrief on Leadership newsletter, and e-mail me if you have any feedback, good or bad.

James daSilva is a senior editor at SmartBrief and manages SmartBlog on Leadership. He edits SmartBrief’s newsletters on leadership and entrepreneurship, among others. Before joining SmartBrief, he was copy desk chief at a daily newspaper in New York. You can find him on Twitter discussing leadership and management issues @SBLeaders.