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What role does technology play in curriculum development?

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SmartBrief on EdTech recently polled readers about the types of resources they find useful in developing curriculum for their students. Online resources were a top choice for educators involved in curriculum development, with more than 80% of respondents saying they find these the most helpful. The poll results also showed that online resources are being used to develop curriculum for students fairly equally across core subjects with just over 5% of respondents saying they use them for developing noncore-subject curricula.

Despite these findings, when it comes to sharing curriculum resources with their fellow educators, a majority of respondents reported most often using in-person meetings over both professional learning networks or social media.

Here is an overview of the results.

Which type of resources do you find most helpful in developing curriculum for students?

  • Online resources — 81.13%
  • Textbooks — 15.09%
  • Software programs — 3.77%

Online resources are most helpful when developing curricula for which subject?

  • Math — 27.63%
  • Science — 25%
  • Social studies — 21.05%
  • Language arts — 15.79%
  • Noncore subjects — 5.26%
  • I do not use online resources in curriculum development — 5.26%

How do you most share curriculum resources with your fellow educators?

  • In-person meetings — 72%
  • Professional learning networks –14%
  • Social media — 14%

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Katharine Haber is an associate editor for SmartBrief, writing and editing content about a variety of topics in education.