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What is your leadership philosophy?

What is your leadership philosophy? If you can't answer that, now's the time to craft one.

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What is your leadership philosophy? If you’re like most leaders, you’ve never written down a formal “leadership philosophy.”

The problem is, in the absence of a thought-through, stated leadership philosophy, we may head down paths that don’t serve our team or our team members very effectively. Leading frantically — firefighting — is easy when you don’t have a clear path outlined.

Your leadership philosophy specifies what your intentions are when leading others, what your reasons are for being a leader, and what positive impact you want to have on those you lead.

Crafting your leadership philosophy is important, but it’s more important to share it with key players in your organization and inviting them to provide you feedback on how well you’re living your leadership philosophy every day.

Watch my short video segment — part of my Culture Leadership Charge video series, this one exclusively for SmartBrief readers — to learn the four questions that will help you craft your leadership philosophy and live it.

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