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What’s the hold up?

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Devices and applications are critical to improving student outcomes, according to a recent poll of SmartBrief on EdTech readers. And yet technology integration continues to lag at many schools and districts. Only 28% of readers classified their school’s tech integration efforts as “very effective.” Educators often cite budget as a reason but admit it’s not the sole, or even primary, culprit. So what is the hold up? We asked SmartBrief on EdTech readers to give us their thoughts on the issue.

Educators need more technology training, according to nearly half (49%) of the poll respondents. Putting devices into teachers’ hands is only half the battle—they need frequent training on using these tools properly. Sixty-six percent stated that more professional development for tools and teaching strategies would improve integration efforts at their school or district.

Take a look at the findings:

Do you think the use of devices and applications is important to driving student outcomes?

  • Yes: 61%
  • No: 39%

How effective are the technology integration efforts at your school or district?

  • Very effective: 28%
  • Moderately effective: 50%
  • Not effective at all: 22%

What is your school or district’s biggest hurdle to true technology integration?

  • Inadequate bandwidth:                29%
  • Not enough technology training: 49%
  • Lack of tech tools and resources: 22%

What would improve technology integration at your school or district?

  • Better relationship with our IT department: 3%
  • More professional development for tools and teaching strategies: 66%
  • Better buy-in from teachers: 24%
  • Better support from administrative leadership: 7%

Where is your school in the integration cycle? What’s stalling efforts? Let us know. Drop us a line or leave a comment in the space below.