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What’s trending on SmartBlog on Education?

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Whether reading about resources for teaching financial literacy or debating the validity of using grades in the classroom, SmartBlog on Education readers have been showing us what’s important to them by sharing and commenting on their favorite posts. Take a look at April’s most-tweeted education posts.

5 ways to continue growing as a teacher
One of the noblest jobs in the world is that of a teacher. We’re clearly not in the trade for the money. We’re there because we love teaching and we love the kids. Period.

Ungraded students
Two years ago, seventh-grade history became the only ungraded class in the school. The administration agreed to let me try it, as a means of empowering students to take more control over their learning.

Dispelling misunderstandings about PBL
I spend a good chunk of time on Twitter, often participating in or lurking on a Twitter chat. I have seen project based learning — PBL — a topic of discussion, but at the same time, I see a lot of claims about PBL that are just not true.

“Flipped classrooms”: You keep using that word …
… but I do not think it means what you think it means. One of my favorite lines from “The Princess Bride.” If you’re not familiar with the movie, this clip should help.

6 positive effects of blogging in kindergarten
As a kindergarten teacher, I have a unique opportunity to educate, share, engage, enhance and model ways that a variety of technological tools can help my students, their families and others make connections globally in regards to learning.

So your school wants a mobile app
A recent Pew Internet study on cell phone use in the United States revealed that in 2012, 85% of Americans used mobile phones to do much more than just make calls.

40-plus resources for National Financial Capability Month
President Barack Obama has proclaimed April as National Financial Capability Month. Personal finance can be integrated into other coursework or delivered as a stand-alone course.

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