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Who is serving breakfast?

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SmartPulse — our weekly reader poll in SmartBrief on Restaurants — tracks feedback from restaurant owners and managers about current trends and issues.

Last week’s poll question: Does your restaurant serve breakfast?

  • Yes, my restaurant serves breakfast — 59.96%
  • No, my restaurant doesn’t and has no intention of introducing it — 30.88%
  • No, but it’s such a hot trend right now that my restaurant is considering it — 9.56%

Breakfast is the name of the game for most Restaurant SmartBrief poll respondents! More than half of you indicated that you already offer breakfast, and another 9% said you’re considering adding it. Last week, we interviewed Maeve Webster of Dataessential about her thoughts on upcoming trends in the restaurant industry. One of her hot topics? Breakfast.

So who is in the breakfast game? Recently, Subway entered into the breakfast arena with Black Forest Ham, Egg & Cheese and Western Egg & Cheese sandwiches. McDonald’s is revamping its offerings to include oatmeal. Taco Bell is prepping for its breakfast debut. For more information about the growing restaurant trend, check out coverage of The NPD Group’s report that highlights breakfast and specialty coffee.

What types of breakfast do you offer? Basic egg and sausage sandwiches? Fluffy pancakes or loaded waffles? Tell us about your breakfast menu.